12 Reasons Why A Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Drone Might Just Work

As someone who works in the industrial drone industry, we all share one common problem: flight time… we can never get enough! That is until today.

I am happy to announce a partnership between my company (Watts Innovations) and Intelligent Energy out of the UK. They are a Hydrogen Fuel Cell manufacturer who have recently shifted their focus to the UAV market. They have recently created the most powerful commercially available Hydrogen Fuel Cell for the UAV market and I am fortunate enough to be working with them on a concept drone to show its capabilities.

At this time, this 2.4kW fuel cell is still in the prototype stages, but will be ready for real world flight testing in Q4 of 2019 and for sale in Q1 of 2020. I truly feel this piece of technology is game changing. In this discussion, I cover the top 12 FAQ’s I came up with in regards to how Hydrogen Fuel Cells would work in the drone market. This podcast focuses on the technology and the benefits it could provide to the market.


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