Continuing the FAA Remote ID Discussion with Paul Aitken from the Drone U Podcast

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Paul Aitken from the Drone U podcast, as we continued the discussion of Remote ID. Like my conversation with Kenji Sugahara in the most recent High Voltage Podcast, Paul and I discuss just how this would affect different sectors in unmanned aviation, from hobbyists, to professional drone operators, to small manufacturers like myself. This is a really interesting interview and it was really a great time chatting with Paul… I can’t wait to be back!

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MORE ABOUT REMOTE ID: In December of 2019, the FAA released a 300+ page document that proposed what they call “Remote ID”, which in essence is a set of rules that would allow them to monitor the airspace here in the United States for all remotely controlled aircraft. Basically, this is a regulation that would affect everyone in the unmanned aircraft community, whether you are a recreational Radio Controlled Airplane pilot who flies at the local AMA flying field, all the way to the likes of an Amazon looking to do unmanned package deliveries.

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