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No matter who you are, where you come from, or what you do in your professional life… everyone has a story to tell. High Voltage was created to be a platform to tell these stories. If you are into tech, cinematography, drones, radio control, tinkering, DIY, entrepreneurship, traveling and much more… you’ve found the right place. 

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Podcast Episodes

5 Ways Not To Lose Your Mind While Working From Home

The last week has been… well… unprecedented. For many of us, the looming illness that has been spreading around the world the last few months is starting to hit...

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From Editor to Pro Drone Pilot To YouTuber: Interview with Trent Palmer of the CopterKids

From a video editor, to a pro drone pilot, to becoming a top notch YouTuber, Trent Palmer from the Copter Kids is the perfect example of following your passions...

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Soldering Iron Showdown: $10 vs $1,000 Soldering Iron! Which Is The Best For You?

I do a lot of soldering. A LOT! Whether it’s soldering wires onto printed circuit boards, or soldering battery leads on a lithium pack, soldering is just part of...

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Which Drone Shots Pay The Most? Interview with Paul Prescott from Amazing Aerial Agency

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Paul Prescott, CEO of Amazing Aerial Agency, located all the way in Croatia. Amazing Aerial Agency is a repository of curated stock...

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Continuing the FAA Remote ID Discussion with Paul Aitken from the Drone U Podcast

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Paul Aitken from the Drone U podcast, as we continued the discussion of Remote ID. Like my conversation with Kenji Sugahara...

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“Hobbyists Got Screwed” Breaking Down The FAA Remote ID Proposal With Kenji Sugahara

In December of 2019, the FAA released a 300+ page document that proposed what they call “Remote ID”, which in essence is a set of rules that would allow...

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Behind The Mic

Bobby Watts

Show Host

Bobby Watts is one of many interests, hobbies and passions. Originally making a name for himself in the Radio Controlled Helicopter industry, he traveled the world competing and representing various companies for over a decade. Since the time of  graduating from the University of South Carolina with his Mechanical Engineering degree in 2010, Bobby has formed multiple businesses generally focused around R/C, Drones (UAV / UAS), Cinematography, and Video Production…. READ MORE

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