Q&A #1- Drones: Turning RC Hobby Into a Side Gig, Flight Controllers, Drone Uses for Farmers, and More!

In this first Q&A we cover all sorts of topics regarding drones! Last week I asked my social media community to write in their questions for my first Q&A and as luck would have it, every question was pertaining to drones. Here we discuss topics from turning your hobby into a profession, to flight controllers,...

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Interview with Stephen Glaus on the Unmanned Uncovered Podcast

I recently had the pleasure of being on the Unmanned Uncovered Podcast hosted by Stephen Glaus. In this interview we had a great chat about how I got started in the industry, drones for good, what we are up to at Watts Innovations, and all things unmanned. In addition we go into detail about how...

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Drones & Cybersecurity: Interview with Jeff Parisse, Senior Aviation Analyst

Jeff Parisse has been in the unmanned aircraft space for many years. His specialties include UAV use for mapping, agriculture, infrastructure inspection, you name it. He has recently been specializing in Cybersecurity with a deep understanding of drone technology and how the data they capture may be used for malice in the wrong hands. Recently...

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Fabricating Parts in Your Basement: Interview with Erick Royer of Stepcraft CNC Systems

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Erick Royer of Stepcraft CNC Systems. Stepcraft is the manufacturer of high end, easy to use CNC machines that allow users to fabricate parts in their very own home. Join in as we discuss how he used Kickstarter to launch his first product, the journey he went...

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Interview from the Drone Trainer Podcast- with Chris Anderson

Here is a recent interview I did with Chris Anderson from the Drone Trainer Podcast. Chris has an awesome website called The Drone Trainer, where he offers online drone training. If you are looking to get into drones and are looking to become a service provider of some sort- he has some great resources so...

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Taking the First Steps to Becoming a Professional Drone Pilot

I get this question all the time: “I am really interested in getting into the drone business, but how do I start?” Most people who ask this question already have their FAA Part 107 certificate but just have no idea how to get jobs. Being in the drone service provider industry for almost a decade...

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