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Taking the First Steps to Becoming a Professional Drone Pilot

I get this question all the time: “I am really interested in getting into the drone business, but how do I start?” Most people who ask this question already have their FAA Part 107 certificate but just have no idea how to get jobs.

Being in the drone service provider industry for almost a decade taught me many things: jobs are tough to get. But… once you get your foot in the door and prove that you know your stuff, jobs are more likely to come your way.

Here’s a brief audio clip that explains in my opinion the best way to get started. It’s extremely simple and is only three steps:

1) Buy a drone and become the best pilot in the world. Literally fly every day and become the best at your craft.

2) Become FAA Part 107 certified (or similar in your country)

3) Use the internet & social media (Twitter, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn) to search for professional drone operators and businesses in your area. Contact them and ask to work for free. Offer to help, go on some jobs with them, see where you can add value to their business. Within no time you will be positioning yourself to either add to their team or take your newfound knowledge and do your own thing.

I hope this helps!


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12 Reasons Why A Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Drone Might Just Work

As someone who works in the industrial drone industry, we all share one common problem: flight time… we can never get enough! That is until today.

I am happy to announce a partnership between my company (Watts Innovations) and Intelligent Energy out of the UK. They are a Hydrogen Fuel Cell manufacturer who have recently shifted their focus to the UAV market. They have recently created the most powerful commercially available Hydrogen Fuel Cell for the UAV market and I am fortunate enough to be working with them on a concept drone to show its capabilities.

At this time, this 2.4kW fuel cell is still in the prototype stages, but will be ready for real world flight testing in Q4 of 2019 and for sale in Q1 of 2020. I truly feel this piece of technology is game changing. In this discussion, I cover the top 12 FAQ’s I came up with in regards to how Hydrogen Fuel Cells would work in the drone market. This podcast focuses on the technology and the benefits it could provide to the market.


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Ever Thought About Buying A Drone?

Ever thought about buying a drone? Whether you want to film your camping trips with the family, take photos at the beach with your bros, or a fishing trip out on the boat, there has never been a better time for someone with absolutely zero experience to get into drones and aerial filming. The high end drone technology has finally become affordable so that anyone who wants to fly can do so safely and without risk of crashing… all while getting amazing photos and videos that they can share with their friends.

In this brief podcast episode, I sit down and walk through the various drones I’d recommend to anyone who has considered getting one. Whether you have $100, $400, or all the way up to $10,000 to spend on a drone, there are only a handful of drones I would consider recommending to someone. Hope this helps, happy droning!

Run-time: 32:22








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Episode 2: Beau Rials

Beau Rials is a world-class host of Direct Response Television Marketing programs. Simply put – he is a “Pitchman” for As Seen on TV Commercials. Beau has hosted over 170 infomercials for various products ranging from golf clubs to kitchen mops, with a little bit of everything in between. Starting as a radio personality on the west coast, he broke out in the world of infomercial hosting and the rest is history.

In the second High Voltage podcast, Bobby & Beau chat about his experience in this fascinating industry, some of the most popular As Seen On TV products ever sold, his most successful product he ever pitched, and what inventors should know about inventing a product for mass markets. 

Run-time: 1:10:22


Beau’s Website

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Episode 1: Jordy Klein

Jordy Klein is a cinematographer best known for his underwater and aerial filming. Raised in Florida by a father who was a pioneer in underwater filming, Jordy took what his father taught him and brought it to another level. He uses any means necessary to get the shot, whether that means attaching a camera to a drone, car, crane, helicopter- you name it.

In the first ever High Voltage Podcast interview, Bobby and Jordy discuss growing up in the film business, Jordy being in THREE helicopter crashes, work-life balance as a full time cinematographer, and turning your passions into your profession.

Runtime: 1:02:35




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